Head Start Online 2017

What is it about?

Have you ever considered studying as a part-time or online learner? Do you have commitments in your life that would preclude you from studying on a full-time, campus-based course? Have you already decided to study, and want to know how to best prepare yourself?

Head Start Online is a free course for anyone who is thinking about starting a higher or continuing education course as a part-time or online learner.

Many people who want to study cannot do so by attending a full-time course that requires a lot of attendance on-campus. The reality is that people have busy lives where you have to balance work, social and family commitments.Learning part-time or online is one way to help fit study around your lifestyle. However, this more flexible approach to study is not for everyone. This course offers a taste of what is involved as an online learner.

Course Info

Course Start DateTBC
Course End DateTBC
Institution Dublin City University
Subjects Distinctively Irish, Education


Dr Eamon Costello
Dr James Brunton
Orna Farrell

Whether you are trying to figure out if you are ready to start a higher education course, or you just want to know how to best prepare yourself for part-time or online study, then this course is for you.

What will I learn?

On completion of this course you will:

  • Decide if part-time or online higher education is for you
  • Know how much time you have for study
  • Identify your potential sources of support
  • Be aware of the skills needed to be successful

What is involved?

Head Start Online is a free course that runs over a five week period, beginning on the 15th August 2016, with a new section of the course being released each week. The time commitment involved for you is two hours per week. However, we recognise that not everyone will want to take the course in the same way. If you want to begin the course after it has started or work through the activities  at your own pace then this is also possible.There are five sections to the course:

  1. A good beginning - What is this course about? Who else is here?
  2. What to expect - What should you expect of part-time/online learning?
  3. Time is precious - How much time do you have for study? What supports do you have in your life?
  4. Skills for success - What computer skills do you need? What is required to produce a successful  assignment in your first semester of study? 
  5. Next steps - Where next? Is online learning for you? What will you decide to do? 

Throughout the five weeks you will be supported by the course facilitators, Dr James Brunton, Dr Eamon Costello, and Orna Farrell.

How is it assessed?

Each section of the course involves videos, activities, and opportunities to interact with the course facilitators and your fellow course participants. By the end of the course you will have taken your first steps towards flexible study and a head start on becoming a part-time or online learner.

On completion of the course you will receive a Certificate as evidence of your work and ability to be successful as an online flexible learner.