Irish Media History

Are you interested in the media which prevade our daily lives? This course brings learners on a journey through the development of media in Ireland since the 18th Century, covering print, telecommunications, broadcasting, and film.. 

The course looks at how the cultural, political, economic and social characteristics of Ireland over the past three centuries have combined to create a unique media ecosphere, one which is at once, intensely local but also subject to influences from beyond the island. 

Irish Media History asks people to consider how reality is and has been mediated through the newspapers, radio and television, cinema and social media available to Irish audiences. Why do we get the media we consume, what are the consequences of consuming it and, given the long history of uni-directional mass media production, what are the implications of the rise of networked media for 21st century Irish audiences?

Course Info

Course Start DateTBC
Course End DateTBC
Institution Dublin City University
Subjects Distinctively Irish


Dr Roderick Flynn